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What are the Pro Tips for Ecommerce Email Marketing?

Do you know that Amazon sends an average of 2.3 million emails per month to its customers around the world? While this figure may seem a bit overwhelming, it reveals something fascinating insights on the position of Amazon in the eCommerce industry. If you are running an eCommerce business, a successful email marketing strategy is influential in building customer relationship. A personalized, periodic email strategy plays a huge role in increasing your brand value amidst customers. The best ecommerce agency in Gurgaon employs exceptional email strategies. In this post, we’ll list out 5 pro tips to enhance your email marketing game to the next level. By implementing these tips you can convert new customers into loyal followers of your site. Let’s get on with the tips.

1. Begin with a Welcome Email Series

When new customers visit your site, they’ll be curious to know more about your services. Therefore, it is wise to satisfy their curiosity via sending a series of emails on a regular basis. A series of welcome emails, explaining your services in detail and also enquiring the client needs can do wonders for you.As much as 86% of conversions are done on initial stages via welcome emails.Well, first impression matters the most. So make sure it is a solid foundation for your future conversations. This strategy can make yours a best email marketing services for ecommerce.

2. Target Different Customer Base

Understanding the demographic you wish to reach and customizing your mails to target them can be a wise strategy. For instance, if you a product that’s more appealing to youngster such as earphones, you have to send promotional mails targeting them. This way you have a high rate of conversion as a ecommerce email marketing agency

3. Reward Loyal Customers

Loyalty towards your brand can be one of the greatest asset. You have to reward their loyalty by offering loyalty programs and special discounts. Further, you can bring together all those customers under a group and send periodical newsletters via email. This newsletter can reflect your gratitude towards them. You can also share your upcoming business plans and ask for support. Gotta make them feel special via your email marketing for ecommerce website.

4. Special Occasion Promotional Sales

Christmas is just around the corner. It’s time to roll out your special festive offers to all your customers. It is impossible to reach as many customers as possible with your promotional mail since many will be interested in purchasing stuff during this holiday season. Come up with creative designs and engaging content to attract the customers.

5. Responsive Emails

Every mail sent to client for promotional activities has to be responsive, well designed and visually appealing. It can have images, bullet points, and an appealing flow which makes it easy to read and share. Also, not everyone is going to read your mail on PC. Therefore, you have to ensure that your format doesn’t break when read in a smartphone.

Your customer’s inbox will be flooded with numerous promotional mails. You have to stand out and catch their attention by a catchy subject headline. It is the hook that makes them wanna read your mail. Also, finish your email with single call-to-action line for impact. Many ecommerce email marketing services in Gurgaon are reaching wide audience.

Follow these pro tips and have tremendous reach with your email marketing.

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