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iOS 14.5- Facebook clues users may need to pay for its main app and Instagram in Future!

Apple and Facebook are in quite a battle with each other since the former announced the introduction of the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature in iOS 14.5. Recently, a new feature in the iPhone iOS version was released which indirectly forces the app to add a system-level rapid requesting which asking customers if the app can track them for personalized and useful ads. Facebook was actually not in favor of this as it thought many people might disable this feature and it will end up hurting their advertisement business. In this way, social media is trying to do the best it can in order to educate iPhone customers on why they can leave app tracking on.

Mark Zuckerberg’s organization is now said to be adding new monitors for both its main app and Instagram. In this way, screens are supposed to inform iPhone users on iSO 14.5 that enabling tracking under Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policy and will help keep the applications freely available to use. Technology Researcher Ashkan Soltani was the one who found the clue about it on both the Instagram app and Facebook’s main program on Saturday. He actually posted a screenshot of the feature on Twitter.

Ashkan Soltani on his Twitter wrote, “Help keep the Facebook/ Instagram free of Charge” because notification was appearing both on Facebook and Instagram application. The notification was scheduled to be displayed before Apple’s system-level App Tracking Transparency alert. Also, it was noticed that the latest version of iOS entails how social media controls access to customer information.

There are three options-

  • This version of iOS needs us to ask permission to track information from this device so that it to improves your ads. You can learn how to limit the use of this information if in case you don’t turn on this device setting.
  • The second one is, “Show ads that are modified”
  • The third one is,” Support Businesses that depend on ads to reach their customers”.

Now, you can see the ‘Continue’ option which is present at the bottom of the screen.

But the most nerve-wracking part is the “Help keep Facebook/ Instagram free of charge”. This here indicates that at some time the organization might end up charging users for the service at some point.

The new opt-in requirements in this latest version of iOS 14, including iOS14.5, requires developers to get express, approval from the device owners to allow IDFA- Identifier for Advertisers to be shared and collected across applications. Due to Apple’s new policy, app developers are still able to use other data, a user delivers targeted advertising. Even if the user opts out of letting the app track them but the data can’t be shared with another organization for ad tracking. According to Facebook, Apple is encouraging new business models for apps so that they rely less on advertising and more on subscriptions which eventually will give Apple a cut. If developers will try to replace IDFA with another thing such as an email address, that app will be considered in violation of the opt-in requirement.

Now, Facebook is already thorough with the impact of App Tracking Transparency (ATT) on its customers the previous month. It also talked about the restrictions inaccessibility of ad targeting and metric tools and also its potential impact on audience engagement.

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