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Top 10 Tips and Tricks To Rank Your Videos On YouTube

In today’s time, Youtube has become the most viewed as well as widely used platform on the internet.

From creative to informative ones, Youtube is flooded with a huge variety of videos. Earlier, people used to upload videos in their spare time but now it has become a full-time profession for a lot of people. By following the right strategy, you can surely become a youtube star and earn lots of money and fame through it.

Some tips and tricks which will help you to rank your videos on Youtube-

1- Rename your video file using targeted keyword-

This is the first step that you have to execute before uploading your video. You need to rename your video file with a suitable keyword so that Youtube can understand it. This is how Youtube judges the relevancy of the video.

2- Keyword research on Youtube-

Keywords play an important role in ranking your website. Here are some tricks for you to select relevant keywords-

  • Go to Youtube’s search box and search for your topic, You will get appropriate keywords in suggestions. As they are suggested by Youtube itself, they are undoubtedly popular.
  • You can also choose a specific video related to your topic and look into its keywords for reference.
  • Youtube Traffic Source’ is a feature of youtube that shows all the keywords searched by the users. You can use this feature to get relevant keywords.

3- Keyword research on Google-

You can search the keyword on google and see the results. Higher the no. of results more will be the competition. Select a less competitive keyword so that your video can appear at the top results.

4- Video to add value-

Make such videos for your audience which are either informative for them or entertain them. It should add value for your viewers.

The positive comments, share, and subscribers give youtube a clear signal that your video has good content.

You can also track your performance on ‘YT Studio’ and make improvements to your video in case it is not performing well.

5- Optimise video-

Optimizing your video is an important step before uploading your video on youtube. There are 3 areas which you need to optimize-

a) Video Title-

Keep your video title at least 5 words long. Make sure to include keywords but don’t stuff them unnecessarily.

b) Description-

Your description should neither be too short, nor too long. Include keywords in the description also.

c) Transcript-

Adding a transcript will be helpful for those users who can’t hear or those people who wish to see the video without turning the volume on.

6- Tag your video-

After optimizing your video, you will have to add suitable tags. Use trending tags that are related to your post. This will help in increasing the views and reach of your video.

7- Categorise your video -

Go to the ‘Advance setting’ option to categorize your video. This will group your video with similar content.

Remember, categorizing a video is a quite difficult task so make sure to categorize your content wisely.

8- Upload a creative thumbnail-

Thumbnail is the first thing that viewers see, it should compel them to open your video.

Use a custom thumbnail instead of YouTube’s auto-generated thumbnail as it has more chances of clicks. Also, make sure that the thumbnail is giving a clear signal about the content of your video.

9- End screen-

Though it appears at the end of the video it plays an important role in creating a lasting impression in the minds of viewers.

Don’t forget to include a subscribe button, like a button, and a bell icon on the end screen. It will remind the viewers about subscribing and giving a thumbs-up on your video.

10- Promote-

Your task will not end with just uploading a video, you also need to promote it so that people come to your channel to see your video.

You can use Q & A platforms such as Quora to promote your video.

What you have to do is, just go to these platforms, enter your video topic in the search box and then paste the link of your video after writing a short relevant content about it. This activity will surely generate more views for your video.

So, this is a basic YouTube SEO Guide that will help you to rank better than your competitors. Hope this guide has made the process easier for you. So follow these tips next time when you will upload a video on YouTube and notice the difference in your views.

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