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what is Favicon

What is a favicon, & why is it important for your website?

The Internet is a vast place of exploration, where every website competes for attention. Even the smallest details can make a significant difference. That’s why there is no chance of mistakes, focus on every narrow detail and make your website attractive and informative. But wait, have you ever noticed that tiny icon sitting quietly next to a website's name on your browser tab or bookmark list? In simple terms, it is called a favicon. But what is a favicon, and how does it affect a website? If you aren’t aware of it, then don’t worry; this blog will help you provide complete information about favicon.

What Is a Favicon?

Before understanding any other aspect, we should know what is a favicon? A favicon is a tiny 16x16 pixel icon that acts as your website's branding. Its primary function is to aid visitors in spotting your page among numerous open tabs. Favicons are most effective when kept simple, often comprising basic images or a few characters of text. While similar to logos, they're distinct, though occasionally they overlap. Given their minute size, favicons may require further downsizing or integration with a company's logo.

Where Can You See the Favicon?

You can spot the favicon in various spots across your browsing experience. It typically appears in your browser's tab next to the page title, making it easy to identify among multiple open tabs. Additionally, it might show up in bookmarks, browser history, and on browser tabs when saved as a shortcut on your device's home screen, providing consistent branding for your website

Bookmarks drop down menu Browser tab and toolbar Apps History Drop-Down Menu Search Bar & Search Bar Recommendations

Why are Favicons Important?

Favicons play a crucial role in enhancing the user experience and brand recognition on the web. Their small size and unique design help users quickly identify and locate a website among multiple open tabs, bookmarks, and browser history. This aids in navigation and reinforces brand presence, making favicons an essential element of a website's identity and user interface design.

Are Favicons Important for SEO?

So the very important question for some tech gigs – Are favicons important for SEO? The short answer: Favicons don't directly impact SEO but contribute to the user experience, potentially influencing metrics like click-through rates and bounce rates.

1. User-Friendly Websites Lead to Increased Use

Creating websites that are easy to search boosts user engagement. A seamless interface encourages visitors to explore more, driving up usage. Favicons play a role in branding and recognition, enhancing the overall user experience and potentially impacting SEO positively.


Bookmarks are shortcuts users create to revisit favorite websites easily. Favicons, small icons displayed in browser tabs, enhance recognition and aid in bookmark identification. This visual cue contributes to a better user experience and potentially SEO.

3. Branding and Visibility

Favicons are crucial for branding, offering a visual representation of a website. They enhance visibility in browser tabs and bookmarks, reinforcing brand identity. This contributes to improved recognition and potentially influences SEO by fostering user engagement and trust.

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So, what is favicon in website? Perhaps you get your answer, they're small but mighty. Never underestimate the might of these small icons; they're the unsung heroes of the digital world. So, when you're refining your website, remember to show your favicon some appreciation - because sometimes, it's the little details that wield significant influence. If you don’t know how to create this type of favicon, then consider getting help from DigeeSell, a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon. Known as the best website designing company in Gurgaon.

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