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The 8 Best AI Tools for Graphic Designers to Boost Creativity

In this era of technology, where technology is developing day by day. Graphic designers seek creative tools for creating their designs more aesthetically. And AI represents itself as a critical component because many graphic designing tools have been launched after the invention of Artificial Intelligence. AI-made graphic designing tools are providing more relaxation and ease to graphic designers. This AI tool benefits every organization, especially digital marketing agencies. In this blog, you will get important information about the 8 best AI tools for graphic designers, which can help you to select any of them according to your preference.

So here are the 8 best AI tools for graphic designers mentioned below:

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei shows how advanced AI technology combines with Adobe Creative Cloud applications. From Photoshop to Illustrator, Sensei is a virtual assistant that speeds up the planning process by doing things automatically. Adobe Sensei gives designers intelligent tools that help them work faster and provide suggestions for new ideas. For example, it can automatically tag pictures and suggest font combinations.

Features of Adobe Sensei:

  • Saves plenty of time for design creation.
  • It helps the designer to be more creative.
  • Easy processing with Adobe's suite of design tools.

Canvas Design AI

Canva is the most usable platform by designers; this is a beginner's friendly tool which makes this application more impressive because even if you start from scratch, you can still easily understand this tool. This AI-driven feature analyzes your design and suggests improvements, ensuring your creation is nice looking and set with your choices. From offering color combinations to recommending font styles, Canva Design AI is like having an experienced design mentor at your fingertips.

Features of Canvas Design AI:

  • Text to Image
  • Magic Eraser
  • Magic Editing
  • Instant Presentations

Runway ML

If you like to create innovative and dynamic designs, then you should get knowledge of Runway ML. Because this AI application provides designers a chance to invent new designs with the help of machine learning, and it generates design through input from the user. This AI tool was not just invented for designing images or presentations, rather it is used for editing high-quality videos with various features. Which is beneficial for graphic designers and video editors, with the help of this tool. Designers can create good designs and edit videos in less time with practical expression.

Features of Canvas Runway ML:

  • Make pictures move
  • Slo-mo any videos
  • Generate videos and images
  • Expand images (No Limit of Expandation)

Deep Dream Generator

This type of tool is getting too much attention from the audience because of its superb facility of transforming any image into a dream-like original creation. Deep Dream is a Google AI tool that can turn ordinary photos into mesmerizing, abstract artworks. Many graphic designers use this tool to engage more audiences towards their business. Graphic Designers can experiment with various styles and settings, resulting in captivating visuals that challenge traditional design norms. The name of this tool represents the originality of this application, and it works similar to a dream for graphic designers.

Features of Deep Dream:

  • Generated Psychedelic images algorithmically
  • Cover the requirement of an artist
  • hange original photos in an artistic way


Artbreeder is a creative tool for those graphic designers who want to boost their creativity through innovative ideas and execution. This tool usually allows designers to generate and modify images to create new visuals. With the help of this application, a user can quickly generate portraits, landscapes, anime characters, and a large variety of other forms of artwork, all on the same application. Graphic artists can freely experiment with the evolution of their art by combining various aspects using this AI tool.

Features of Artbreeder:

  • Create randomized images without a reference
  • Artificially recreated photos
  • Generate completely random pictures from scratch


NVIDIA Canvas is a painting application that uses AI to transform landscape images from simple brush strokes. This tool allows artists to do their work quickly, Canvas is an AI co-creator that can figure out what you're trying to do with each stroke and improve your sketches in real-time. This application helps the designers to fulfil their need for new thoughts and assist them in completing perfect execution.

Features of NVIDIA Canvas:

  • AI that helps people paint
  • 20 types of brush tools
  • You can customize your photos


To give you an excellent introduction to Designify, you should know that an online photo editor turns your photo into a stunning layout. With its many template galleries, you can start from scratch when making your first change and always have great designs. It makes different designs based on your input. Whether you need multiple logo options or various layout choices. Designify is a perfect application for e-commerce, digital marketing, fashion, automotive, and creative projects.

Features of Designify:

  • Edit your designs by adding logos or pictures
  • Automatically remove backgrounds and enhance colors
  • Adjust smart shadows


Colorize, we can understand the work of this application through its name. It is an AI Application that transforms a picture from black & white to a color picture. This is a perfect tool for reviving old photographs in a new structure. With the help of this tool, you can quickly turn any classic image into a color picture. If you are a graphic designer, it is an excellent tool.

Features of Colorize:

  • Automatically assign colors
  • Turn your old photos into a modern look
  • Reshape classic images

Benefits of Graphic Designing Related AI tools

AI tools for graphic design are helpful for both designers and people who aren't designers because they improve the creative process, innovation, and efficiency.

Some of these Benefits are:

Time Efficiency: AI-powered tools can automate repetitive tasks such as resizing images, generating variations, or applying consistent styles, which saves plenty of time for graphic designers.

Enhanced Creativity: Some AI tools can offer suggestions or generate creative elements that designers might not have thought of, sparking new ideas.

Image Recognition and Tagging: AI can analyze images and automatically tag them, making asset management and search more efficient.

Automated Content Generation: Some AI tools can generate content like social media posts or blog graphics, helping in content marketing efforts.

Cost Savings: AI-powered design tools can help businesses save money by reducing the design resources they need.

In conclusion

AI is developing in every industry, and every tech user uses these Artificial Intelligence tools. This tool also provides significant benefits to graphic designers, and it works as a helping source for designers. With AI's help, graphic designers save too much time in making and editing any design, rather than putting time into creating designs from scratch. So, gear up, experiment fearlessly, and let AI be your ally in unleashing unprecedented levels of graphic design brilliance.

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