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How to promote YouTube videos through Google Ads?

Have you ever wondered how others promote their YouTube videos via Google ads? Are you wondering about upgrading your beautiful brand video or any commercial video without knowing the right platform? You do not have to worry any longer as we are here with suitable suggestions so that your videos will be visible to the world. Also, if you’re already aware of the benefits of paid promotions, that’s amazing. Your videos can’t receive greater reach without paid advertisements, and of course, no new audience could see the video.

Indeed, you won’t get any better time than now to know about promoting videos via Google ads video Campaigns. To make a good YouTube presence and stand out in it, you need to use several promotional tactics, and paid promotions are one of them. It’s crucial to make a solid market strategy when you already decided to promote your business through various paid advertising platforms. You need to make sure that you have outlined realistic goals, your targeted audience, and more. Let’s dive into the ways to make the best ad campaign set up with the below instructions.

How to set up a Campaign?

You can go through the step by step guidelines to make an excellent ad campaign set up in a much easier way. Following the steps below, you could launch your awesome YouTube videos in no time. Indeed, the real motive for carrying out such campaigns and making up the mind in pay to promote YouTube videos is the ultimate solution. You need to know that brand awareness should be prioritized as it is crucial and attracting customers for a targeted location is what everyone wants. Let’s take a look at the step by step procedure for the campaign set-up.

New Campaign

For starting a new ad campaign, the first step is to log into your Google account and then go to the campaign tab. Later, you’ll give various types of video campaigns from which you’ve to select the one you want. You need to know that if the drive is of ‘Video’ type, it will be strictly of that type, and no text could be included. The next thing is to click on the ‘Create a new Campaign’ tab.

Video Goal

This particular part would let you select your goal. It’s no surprise that your plans could differ, but you’d get something similar to what you need. Let’s take an instance that you want to raise awareness, and it’s your goal; then, you could select the “Brand awareness and reach” for the purpose and the campaign type, you’d have to select “Video”. After completing the procedure, your video will be delivered to maximum viewers in no time, matching your audience criteria by Google. You could even select the “Standard Awareness” as the subtype and late click to continue.

Campaign Details

For the next step, you have to know the budget you’ll be spending and define your campaign correctly. You need to select the start and end dates for your campaign, the networks to be used, and the language settings you’d want to keep for the video campaign.


Here, you’ll get to choose the exact location of where you’d want your video campaign to be shown. Also, you could either include or exclude sites based on various criteria, including zip codes, cities, regions, states, and more. Before selecting the location, you need to do proper research to know where you could find your potential customers and plan accordingly.

Bidding Strategy

Another crucial thing that you’ve to select is the bidding strategy, or what you’re planning to pay for achieving the goal. If you keep your CPV higher then, it’ll cost more for each view. Also, different video campaigns or campaigns with other goals would differ in bidding strategies.

Targeting audiences

You need to make sure that your campaign properly reaches your targeted audience. Before publishing your campaign, you need to choose the audience based on several factors like interests, basic demographics, and more.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article will help and be informative for everyone wanting to promote their YouTube videos effectively. No wonder your video would receive maximum reach with Google ads as it is one of the most potent platforms with a packed audience. Also, having such vital tips in your mind, you could surely get the best results for the efforts you’re making for your video advertising and distribution. Those who’re ready to ramp up their YouTube presence and want to witness the tangible business results could try paid promotions.

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