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How to promote YouTube videos through Google Ads?

Have you ever wondered how others promote their YouTube videos via Google ads? Are you wondering about upgrading your beautiful brand video or any commercial video without knowing the right platform? You do not have to worry any longer as we are here with suitable suggestions so that your videos will be visible to the world. Also, if you’re already aware of the benefits of paid promotions, that's amazing. Your videos can't receive...

Difference between selling on Marketplaces and E-commerce

Difference between selling on Marketplaces and E-commerce

The misconception of believing that marketplace and e-commerce website is the same thing has continued since forever. It’s good to understand the difference between an online marketplace vs an e-commerce website before you start your online business.  What is a marketplace? The Marketplace is a website where the products offered come from multiple sellers. Owner does not own the inventory nor needs to invoice the customer. In the process of selling on the marketplace there are...

How to list your products on Google Shopping for Free

How to list your products on Google Shopping for free?

As we have seen the retail sector facing several threats over the years but now that the Coronavirus pandemic has occurred, the threat has reached its peak. Now that the physical stores shuttered we have digital commerce to rely upon!  This has become an opportunity for struggling businesses to rebuild themselves.  There is a rise in online shopping and not just for the essentials but for home goods, clothes, medicinal, etc. Due to this...

ecommerce digital marketing strategies

7 Simple Digital marketing strategies for your e-commerce store to boost sales

Each day more and more people are turning to the internet to find their goods and services. So, e-commerce has become a mode of business. Despite living in a digital age we still can see the daily competition and challenges in e-commerce. Having an online store isn’t enough but you need to take steps to optimize your website and marketing to get the most out of your e-commerce sales.  Importance of E-Commerce As people now...

iOS 14.5- Facebook clues users may need to pay for its main app and Instagram in Future!

Apple and Facebook are in quite a battle with each other since the former announced the introduction of the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature in iOS 14.5.  Recently, a new feature in the iPhone iOS version was released which indirectly forces the app to add a system-level rapid requesting which asking customers if the app can track them for personalized and useful ads. Facebook was actually not in favor of this as it...

How Instagram Shopping Can Help To Grow Small Businesses?

How Instagram Shopping Can Benefit Small Businesses?

Instagram has become the most widely used social media platform these days. It is not only used for entertainment but also for business purposes. Several small businesses have got recognition and they have succeeded as well by just setting up their business page on Instagram and selling their products through it. Instagram can be a boon for small businesses. Let’s see How? What are the benefits of Instagram shops? Instagram shops provide numerous benefits, especially to small...