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7 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have Google My Business Account

Bringing business on an online platform these days is quite common and it is also a necessity for them because if you won’t establish your business online, neither you can reach a large number of customers nor you can have an edge over your competitors. Google My Business plays an important role in that. How?

Let’s first discuss what actually it means.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is an excellent tool of Google that lets your business appear on google map.

We can add our address, phone no., Pictures, and even videos on it.

It also lets us add the opening and closing time of our business on it.

This exciting tool of Google allows us to edit the information we uploaded and we can also promote our business on it.

7 Benefits of Google My Business-

Here are 7 reasons why Google my business is important for every business-

1- Reviews to attract customers-

Reviews are a great source of earning the trust of the people. It acts exactly like a word of mouth. Ask your customers to give reviews and reply to each and every review of the people. Positive reviews will help to attract customers and gain their trust.

2- Allows adding information-

Google my business allows us to add various information about our business which includes-

  • -Phone no.
  • -Address
  • -Images
  • -Videos

We can add all this information and edit them as per our needs. It’s very simple to enter these details and edit them

3- Chance to appear on the first page of google search engine result-

You must have searched on google many things like-

‘Places to visit near me’ or ‘Restaurants near me’ and you might have noticed that 3-4 results immediately appear on your search. ‘Google My Business’ makes it happen. If you are listed in Google My Business account then you will appear on the first search page of google results along with the map that will show directions of your business location.

4- Increased customer engagement-

Google My Business has a feature of- call to action, FAQs, and Direct message.

These features increase the interaction with the customers. They can get their queries answered as well as they can take direct action on whatever they want.

They can also interact personally with business owners through a direct message.

If the business owners don’t want to share their personal no. Google will use the ‘Allo’ app to receive messages.

5- Rank higher in results-

More positive results in Google My Business will result in ranking at a higher place in google results. So always ask your happy customers to rate you so that you can appear on the higher rank.

6- Promote events and offers-

If you don’t have a website yet, Google My Business gives you the feature of ‘google post’ to post the events and offers. You can do all the promotional activities through this feature.

7- Free tool-

Google My Business is available for free of cost. It is really good for small businesses or startups because their budgets are limited and as it is free of cost it will save a lot of money for them.

In this way, Google My Business benefits small businesses as well.

These are benefits of google my business for all types of businesses.

So if you are just going to initiate your business or if you want your business to prosper more, inculcate this tool in your business for sure because this single tool will help your business in a variety of ways.

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