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Apple ios14 Update- Effect On e-Commerce

A new battle has begun between Apple and Facebook that has created a panic over the internet.

E-commerce advertisers are in a fear of losing their ad- effectiveness which in turn will result in loss of revenue.

To properly understand this scenario,

Let’s talk about this battle first-

A couple of days back Apple came up with the new update- ios14. In this update, Apple users will be asked whether they want Facebook to track their activities on other sites/apps they use or not.

While Apple, on one side is justifying its actions stating it is for user privacy, Facebook on the other side is blaming Apple that its actions are going to cause inconvenience to small businesses.

This new update is surely going to be a great disadvantage for e-commerce advertisers. HOW?

Let’s dive into the facts and look for the particular areas that are going to be affected-

1- Retargeting

Retargeting is reminding the customers about the products and services they left on the website without buying. This is going to be affected as Facebook won’t be able to track the i-phone users and therefore the E-commerce can’t pop-up the ads on the websites that customers are visiting.

2-Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is a tool that makes you informed about customer activities after they came into contact with your ad. This is also going to be affected as now customers who opt out of tracking can’t be traced.

3-Facebook algorithm- less effective

The whole algorithm of Facebook is going to be less effective as e-commerce websites can’t show ads on Facebook for iPhone users who opted out for tracking.

4- Less personalized ads

The ads that will pop-up for the customers who opted out of the tracking will not be according to their preferences. So it will be less personalized that will make it not so effective for users.

5- Ad- creation limitation

Only a single ad account is permitted to get associated with your app. There is a limit to no. of campaigns and also the reset period once you deleted the ad campaign.

6- Ad-reporting limitation

Ad- reporting refers to reviewing your ad campaigns.it will be delayed by 3 days.

7- No gender, age, or region targeting possible

The targeting according to gender, age or region becomes impossible now as it is not supported for both app and web conversions.

8-Change in attribution window

Attribution window is used to view the no. of days between a person’s view or click on ads and his/her subsequent action on it.

Earlier this window was available for 28 days, now it is only available for seven days. This will create difficulty for e-commerce advertisers as fewer data will be available for them.

Don’t panic. Follow the guidelines provided by Facebook for e-commerce advertisers.

GEAR UP, face the new challenges and transform it into an opportunity.

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